The German team just missed out on a medal – “it hurt”

Liane Lippert keeps looking back, but Mieke Kröger is at the end of her rope on Marine Drive. In the last few meters, another medal dream was shattered for the German team in the mixed time trial.

After 28.2 kilometers, the Australian team is about 7 seconds behind the bronze. “We did our best, but we hurt ourselves in the last part,” said Kröger, world champion runner.

After the bronze medal last year, this time it was fourth place thanks to Miguel Heidemann, Jannik Steimle, Nikias Arndt, Lippert, Kröger and Romy Kasper. Switzerland won. The silver and bronze medals went to Italy (2.92 seconds) and Australia (38.4).

Kröger: “Can’t replace Tony and Lisa”

From the German point of view, however, the coin was not necessarily expected. After all, not much is left of the gold team from last year. Former world time trial champions Tony Martin and Lisa Brenauer have since retired. Max Walscheid and Lisa Klein are also missing from the team this time. Only Arndt and Kröger returned from the start. “We did our best with the establishment. We cannot and do not want to replace Tony and Lisa. We can only try to do it as well as possible,” Kröger added.

And even looked good for a while. In the final division, Australia and Germany are level. But in the finish there was a lack of strength, especially because Kasper had to let it tear out first. “My heart is bleeding. I’m very excited,” said Brenauer as a Eurosport commentator.

The German Sports Federation still has no medals

After the German trio came from sixth place, Lippert and Co. began their race to catch up. Kröger in particular proved to be a pacesetter in the flat section. That should pay off in the end. “We can divide it better. It’s very close. I had too much energy at the end, which caused unrest in the group. Mieke was doing well earlier and couldn’t keep up with my freshness. We lost in the end, » explained Lippert.

As a result, the German Cycling Federation has no medals in the elite competitions in time trials. Until now, there is only the high school graduation of Ms. Ricarda Bauernfeind in the 3rd place in the U23 female group and 2nd place Justyna Czapla and 3rd place Emil Herzog in the region.

The competition is very bitter for the Dutch team. Bauke Mollema had technical problems with the men and shortly after the change, superstar Annemiek van Vleuten fell heavily and had to retire.

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