Sports tips on TV: “Discovery Golf” and cycling

Are you looking for sports tips for Thursday? We have selected the best tips from TV shows for you. Whether it’s individual sports, motor racing or competition: here you will Found an overview of the sports program that is very valuable. Open!

With the sports tip of the day from you are informed today, whether it’s motorsport, racing or cycling: we have found 3 fascinating sports competitions from TV shows for you, so you can see the best. This Thursday to get. This is a sporting event that should not be missed.

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Golf Magazine: “Discovery Golf” (10:30 am on Eurosport)

Current news about golf as well as historical reports on the best, the last major event or the upcoming tournament. Additionally, legends of golf are featured or great moments of the sport are recounted.

Golf magazine European sports It promises everything a sports fan could wish for in 30 minutes.

Motorcycle: “Enduro World Series Show” (17:00 on Eurosport)

Magazine about the latest events and results of the Enduro World Series, an international mountain bike competition created in 2012. The enduro race includes both “uphill” and “downhill” sections. As a rule, the ascent must be completed within the specified time window without measuring the time. Then the downhill part is stopped. The result of several “steps” is added. The driver with the lowest total time is the winner.

Motorsport on Eurosport takes 30 minutes.

Cycling: “Cycling: World Road Championships” (00:05 on Eurosport)

The World Cycling Championships are held every year at various locations of the World Cycling Association. The men’s road race is considered to be the most famous race in cycling.

This Eurosport cycling race promises everything a sports fan could wish for for 175 minutes.

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