Reusser had to do without the Scandinavian race

Consequences of concussion after tourism decline

Marlen Reusser (SD Worx) | Photo: Cor Vos

05.08.2022 | (rsn) – On the 4th stage of the Tour de France Femmes, Marlen Reusser not only celebrated her first victory in the jersey of the SD Worx team, with which she has been under contract since the beginning of the year, but also her greatest. Success in the road race so far. But two days later, the Tour of France ended for the Swiss when she arrived in Rosheim after crashing on stage 6, but then was unable to compete on stage 7 due to a diagnosis.

Reusser is doing a little better now, as her manager announced in a press release. However, the silver medalist of the Tokyo Olympic time trials still complains of headaches during exercise and can now “only train lightly and in a dark room on a roll.”

That is why Reusser, in consultation with her team, decided to cancel her plans that began in Scandinavia. In Vargada, Sweden, the 30-year-old wants to compete with SD Worx on August 6 and 7 in the local team time trial and the road race held the following day. From August 9 to 14, Reusser’s schedule included a new world tour of Scandinavia (August 9 to 14) through Denmark and Norway.

The next event scheduled for the second half of August is the competition as part of the European Games held in Munich. Reusser wants to compete there as the defending champion in the time trial (August 17) and also compete Road race for Switzerland on August 21.

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