Müller raves about the assistant coach: with “Tiger” in the title mission

Müller raves about the assistant coach
with “tiger” in the title mission

Hermann Gerland has many words in stock, he is not a man. National coach Hansi Flick thanks his assistant for this. He is coming to Qatar for the World Cup – which Thomas Müller is also happy about.

Thomas Müller’s expectations of the World Cup rose again a few days ago. “I had the most fun and fun over the years,” Müller once said about his favorite coach, “with Hermann Gerland. I used to sit in the car for three hours, so you don’t need the radio anymore.”

“Radio” Müller took possession of the speech, and he still owes Gerland a great deal in other respects. Without “Tiger”, the cult player of Munich would have ended up at TSG Hoffenheim at a young age, but thanks to Gerland, his dramatic rise to the German championship began. Hoffenheim wanted to sign him in 2009, but Bayern coach Jurgen Klinsmann didn’t use him. But Gerland fought for Müller – and won.

In recent years, Müller and Gerland have collected countless titles at Bayern – and the big one will be added on Sunday’s fourth arrival. National coach Hansi Flick brought Gerland into his team as an assistant for the World Cup in Qatar (November 20 to December 18). A decision that not only satisfied Müller.

“Hermann works with the best coach in the world,” Flick explained this decision in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. “When he watches the game for us, I can rely on his judgment 100%. His analysis is always pleasing.” Flick not only praised the “good eye” of the 68-year-old, “his direct nature will also make us good in the competition”.

“I don’t speak with feelings”

After leaving Bayern Munich last year, Gerland has already been used by Flick as a scout for the senior national team. He is also assistant coach to Antonio Di Salvo in the U21 team of the German Football Association (DFB). But Flick is not only aware of Gerland’s abilities. “I want a coach who doesn’t say: great, coach, great job, you are the best. I want a coach who also says: Hansi, I don’t think it’s right.” Gerland is “especially good at this because of his extensive experience”.

Despite his age, Gerland still understands the language of youth. “When Hermann always says: Oh, old school! At Bayern, it sometimes talks about him. It annoys me,” said Flick.

An eye for talent is Gerland’s greatest strength. Apart from Müller, Bastian Schweinsteiger, David Alaba and Philipp Lahm have also progressed for FC Bayern under his guidance. Gerland once said to his wife about Lahm: “Gudrun, if it doesn’t become a super player, I will give my license back and become a volleyball coach or water polo coach.”

Gerland was allowed to keep his license. Maybe Flick didn’t just rely on his gut feeling in the desert World Cup. “I don’t regret the feeling. Three times I had the feeling that I had a son – and we have three daughters at home,” Gerland said once.

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