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Important things today

Special Olympics assassins may live undisturbed in Berlin. A Palestinian who attacked Munich in 1972 was said to be in West Berlin 13 years later. The German security authorities knew about this, but the responsible police did not care. Mind the information. This is represented by previously unknown files. They are likely to speculate on a secret agreement between the German government and the Palestinian terror. to article (SZ Plus)

German opposition to the planned nuclear storage facility is growing. Switzerland’s repository for radioactive waste is to be built in Nördlich Lägern near the German border. it There were hardly any protests among the unions, but the anger among the Germans was growing. Visit both sides of the Rhine. Go to the article

“Phantom of the Opera” was canceled on Broadway. The musical has been performing in New York for nearly 35 years – longer than any other. But in February it was gone, the income did not cover the high costs. Go to the article

Germany was eliminated from the European basketball tournament. In a high-quality game, the national team lost in the semi-finals against the world champion Spain at 91:96 – the most painful defeat. On Sunday, Germany will play against Poland for third place. After the game, Captain Schröder announced his return to the Los Angeles Lakers. Go to the article

Another Wiesn begins in Munich. After a 2-year hiatus from Corona, Oktoberfest will begin this Saturday at 12 p.m. But it is not because of the epidemic that something is different this year. Sexual music and offensive clothing are disappearing from festival sites, food is becoming sustainable and vegan, and there are many offers for the gay and lesbian community. Go to the article

The war in Ukraine

The discovery of a grave near Isjum: Selenskij calls for a reaction. The President of Ukraine said that the international community should not watch while Russia Kill and torture. Russia announced further attacks in the eastern part of the country. Ukraine will receive 40 armored personnel carriers through the exchange of rings with Greece and Germany. with a live blog

The German government has been under pressure to supply main battle tanks to Ukraine. Demands for consistency have recently become louder, but Prime Minister Olaf Scholz flatly refused. non-stop. He believes he is at peace with himself and with US President Biden. But the subject will continue to occupy him. Go to the article

Rosneft wants to sue for “expropriation”. Russian group calls trust of two German subsidiaries access to assets His “illegal”. In Germany, the demand for more state aid for private households and companies is increasing. with a live blog about the energy crisis

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