King of the Lake 2022: Julian Braun takes the crown for the fourth time in a row

Christoph Strasser 6. – Race report

By Wolfgang Press (from Seewalchen am Attersee)

Royal family at Lake Attersee: Maximilian Kabas, Alexander Lemp, Gabriela Thanner, Julian Braun | Photo:

09/18/2022 | Long live the royal family: three new kings and the “old” queen were chosen last night at the twelfth “ASVÖ King of the Lake” in the marquee on Lake Attersee. Nearly 1,200 cyclists from 24 countries descended on the slopes starting in Kammer at 1pm for the bike ride. Go for 47 kilometers around the beautiful lakes in the Salzkammergut. Despite the inhospitable spring weather, with frequent rains and strong winds, there are peak times. Many top cyclists and professional cyclists such as 6 timers also competed Race across America-Winner Christoph Strasser, Bora-hansgrohe pro Patrick Konrad and some big names from the Austrian and German time trial scenes.

Here’s everything about the new sea king: Julian Braun
From the Continental team Saris Rouvy Sauerland Won the Elite category with a lead of almost 20 seconds to Felix Ritzinger in 57:20.77 hours and can now call himself “Elite King of the Lake powered by Garmin” again.

“The weather was bad, but I was lucky and it didn’t rain much,” Julian said at the end. “My record (54.57 minutes; ed.) I didn’t get the chance, but I’m very satisfied – to win here four times in a row is a dream…” King of the Lake is now a home race for Julian: he moved to Lake Attersee last year. And now works for stoolL– Main sponsor Lenzing (manufacturer of sportswear fabric).

“Of course I know the way well,
That’s useful, especially in this climate. I know where I can let it run and where you have to be careful when it’s wet,” said the NRW champion in the 2021 individual trial. He is aiming for his fifth crown at Attersee next year; It will be interesting to see. If he will sit on the throne again…

Now with other crowned heads: “King of the Lake powered by Specialized” of the amateurs was local matador Alexander Lemp from Schörfling with a time of 59:29.88 h. Last year’s runner-up Christoph Strasser came in 6th place, runner-up by 43 seconds. Like Christoph yesterday in the initial conversation with Revealing that his level of training in the time trial was still insufficient:

“TransContinental race over 4000 kilometers
Much to my chagrin, that was only five weeks ago. Then the rain fell on me, I was cold at one point. But it’s still fun, as it has been for 5 years,” said Christoph. After the race (an interview with him, also about his experience in the TransContinental race “unsupported”, will follow tomorrow).

Styrian wasn’t sure if he should be happy with his first place in the U50 age group: “At first I was almost shocked – am I that old? I won’t be 40 for two months!” However, since the age group rules at King of the Lake only take into account age groups, Christoph is already placed in the U50 – which obviously worries him, since he also brought it up at the KotL marquee stage awards ceremony…

Also Bora-hansgrohe professional Patrick Konrad
Given to the royal family at Lake Attersee. The Tour’s stage winner didn’t qualify, but showed his time of 57:04.19 that he liked the track: “It’s a beautiful track that’s really fun. The lap definitely has potential for you in the World Championships,” the 30-year-old said. The old man said enthusiastically after riding around Lake Attersee.

Now with the new old Queen: With an impressive time of 1:05:53, just like last year, Tyrolean Gabriela Thanner won the title “Queen of the Lake powered by Lenzing AG” for the second time. “U23 King of the Lake powered by Raiffeisen Oberösterreich” is also king with Maximilian Kabas, at 59:27.23 hours. Marlene Brandmair was crowned “U23 Queen of the Lake” for the first time with a time of 1:13:32.

Title in the “experiment that takes a team of four people
der Amateure powered by Autohaus Eder & Volkswagen “brought the bicycle team Gaimersheim I (1:01:24 h) from the village of Upper Bavaria for the first time. The folding bicycle team “Early 4 Birds” arrived this year due to the weather and. Technology did not leave the last place. “At least not last”, commented Captain Street Berthold Balg: “That’s something…” Just like last year, the German-Austrian mixed team “Magnesium Pur” won the “Ten Team Time Trial powered by Upper Austria” with a time of 1:02:55 cm. .

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