Internet baiting: Researchers: no extraordinary increase in hostilities – sports

Recently, the football expert “Collina’s successor” withdrew from Twitter after many insults. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa

Fan researcher Jonas Gabler sees no apparent increase in hate speech in online hostilities against players, officials and professionals. “I wouldn’t say it has become more or worse.

Berlin – Fan researcher Jonas Gabler does not see an increase in hate speech in hostility on the Internet against players, officials and experts.

“I wouldn’t say it’s getting worse or worse. It’s a phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of social media. And with more members, negative opinions are increasing,” said the manager of Fan Cultures and Sport Competence. Related Social Affairs Group (Kofas) of the German Press Agency.

Social media has also reduced the “significant scope” for emotional expression. Recently, the football expert “Collinas Erben” withdrew from the Twitter platform after many insults. Many athletes and officials such as Max Eberl, who will soon work as the sports manager of the Bundesliga football team RB Leipzig, are being attacked in a big way on the Internet and in their positions.

Two independent camps

But Gabler distinguishes between the two camps: “Hatred on the Internet and the situation in the stadium must be separated, because they are not necessarily the same person.”

Regardless of the riots in European stadiums, the fan expert did not notice any dissatisfaction with the social problem, but there is a certain joy in the stadium: “I agree that there are more pyrotechnics that are set on fire. But it does nothing. Frustrated, but the fans celebrate the return to the stadium after Corona.”

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