How long is a basketball game?

How long is a basketball game? Photo: Brocreative /

Read here how long basketball games in the BBL and NBA last on average and what rules influence the length of the game.

While the rules of the game are pretty clear to most people in football, it is not easy to follow the game of basketball. The playing time in particular is often not uniform due to the variety of rules. We’ve summarized for you below how long games last on average and the conditions. That can prolong it.

Basketball: How long is the game?

According to the German Basketball Association (DBB), there are basketball tournaments in Germany. Four tenths of a minute each. There is also a short break of two minutes each after the first and third quarters and a half-time break of 15 minutes. So the duration of the game is At least 59 minutes.

If there is a tie after the last quarter, there will be 5 minutes of extra time. If this is not enough, it will be extended by 5 minutes until the winner is determined. There are also a number of time and time out rules that can extend the length of the game. Regular games in Bundesliga basketball therefore usually last longer Between 80 and 100 minutes.

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Playing time in the NBA

The rules of the National Basketball Association (NBA) are slightly different than in Germany. There the game also consists of four quarters, However, these last 12 instead of 10 minutes. In the telecast there is also a 3:30 minute break after the first and third quarters. There is a 2:30 minute break before added time. Half time lasts 15 minutes.

The game lasts at least 72:30 minutes. Overtime will last 5 minutes until the team wins the game. Hence the game in the NBA The average length is two and a half hours.

Explain the basketball timing rules

In the game of basketball, there are various time rules that the players must follow. In case of violation it can be done Interrupting the game too short comes, which guarantees a longer playing time overall. As a layperson, it is not easy to know all the rules, let alone understand them. This video gives a good overview of the different timing rules:

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