Hoeneß sees “a new era in Bavarian basketball”

«SAP Park will herald a new era in Bavarian basketball. A stadium for almost 12,000 spectators and professional training conditions here and in the Audi Dome: After that, things happen at FC Bayern Basketball,” said honorary president Uli Hoeneß following the announcement. The 70-year-old visited the construction site of the new hall with president Herbert Hainer and former basketball manager Marko Pesic.

The passion for basketball should continue

The multi-purpose stadium, which the builder and owner Red Bull is operating together with tenants FC Bayern and SAP, will be the venue for Bayern’s basketball team and the Red Bull Munich ice hockey team. It is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024. “Our goal is to establish ourselves at the top both nationally and internationally, for this we need the right infrastructure, and this multifunctional platform will set the standard here,” said Hainer.

Mr. Pesic said, “The main task is to create a real football atmosphere, and that is a special focus. “It’s not enough to just show up and play a bit when it’s done. We have to do our job – and we’re doing it.”

The German national basketball team won the bronze medal in the European Championship. The first medal in 17 years generated a lot of interest.

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