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Bigger Greece may be waiting for Germany after missing out on the group stage in the European Championship semi-finals. Photo: imago//Anke Waelischmiller

With the fans behind them, the German basketball team can reach the top position in the European Cup at home.

Finally it’s happy hour. Organizers showed little gratitude in preparation for Wednesday’s final group game of the European Basketball Championship in Cologne. Some sections offer two-for-one tickets. A nice touch for a successful preliminary round, which set a new record for the first round of the competition with 236,521 viewers. Unfortunately, there were only two points for the victory of Germany 106: 71 over the tail of Hungary, so in the end it was “just” enough for second place.

Sengfelder: “I will tell my children and grandchildren about it”

“Everybody would have signed that first,” said national team player Niels Giffey. As it was, the air was already out before the final appearance, because the Slovenians secured victory in the group. But the better friendly game also brought some insight, not only that Johannes Thiemann traditionally had to take a round of donuts for his 100th point.

But the squad is occupied even deeper than you might have guessed. Former Liverpool striker Ludwig Thiemann said: “Not just 10th, but 12th.” Because on Wednesday evening Justus Hollatz and especially Christian Sangfelder had the first minutes of the game, and the latter became the top scorer with 22 goals. Point. Which, according to Thiemann, shows the spirit of this team, “where everyone helps everyone succeed”. And center Sengfelder just shook his head in amazement knowing that the previous match must have been very disappointing for him. Hello! I was at home in the European competition – in front of almost 20,000 fans, “I will tell my children and grandchildren about it”. Is that enough proof of the spirit in the team, which should be the secret of success?

The goal is the coin

Now it is in Berlin, which in principle has more basketball tradition than Cologne. But Maudolo said with regret: “It’s great. I like playing here.” The German team played just once against Slovenia, with captain Denis Schroeder admitting: “We had such a defeat. ” Who knows what it’s good for. May sharpen the senses again for the round of 16 against Montenegro (Saturday, 6pm), where the German team is the clear favourite. However, it depends on the right perspective. and the body. Mr. Thiemann suspects “certainly there will be some pieces.” And in the case of Germany, Schröder and Daniel Theis again, who have rested with Hungary after being injured in the pre-season. The situation seems to be more difficult for Nick Weiler-Babb, who is sidelined by a shoulder injury – and may be longer.

But the competition should continue for the Germans for a while. “If we continue like this, we have a chance to win a few more games,” Jonas Wolfahrth-Bottermann said. The goal remains – coins. Even the bigger size Greeks (with Doncic rival Giannis Antetokounmpo as MVP) may have to wait because of the group win that missed out on the semifinals.

But the home advantage remains. Especially for the Berlin part with Lo or Thiemann (“Berlin has become my second home”), but also Franz Wagner and Niels Giffey, who have already worn the Alba shirt. Expectations are great. It is a homecoming. “To friends and acquaintances. I will do my homework now,” said Niels Giffey. That means, above all, to control card requests. That may be more difficult than shaking hands with the opponent. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the capital holds 14,500 visitors.

Two for the price of one is unlikely – but hopefully a sports Happy Hour is.

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