DBB President Weiss: “In a Better Position”

“In Germany there is one rule: First place, football. Second place, football. Third place, football. Fourth place, football. I will not continue now,” Weiss said at a press conference on the final day of the European Championship in Berlin. “But this event went well, the German team. Well done. At the moment we are in a better position than four weeks ago, » said the DBB boss.

The German team captained by Dennis Schröder competes against Poland for the bronze medal today (5:15 pm / RTL and Magentasport). The games against Greece, Spain and Poland are currently broadcast briefly on free-to-air RTL television.

The European Basketball Association also drew positive conclusions from the European tournament with preliminary rounds in Cologne, Milan, Pak and Tbilisi and the final round in Berlin. “This EM is the best-selling event in EM history. The switch to four countries is worth it,” said Turgay Demirel, president of Fiba Europe. TV ratings across Europe are excellent. “It shows passion and love for basketball,” said Kamil Novak, Secretary General of Fiba Europe.

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