Basketball, handball and ice hockey: three sports want to mobilize even more fans – sports

Dennis Schröder (left) basketball star not only led his team to the European Championship, but also a German sports fan. Photo: dpa/Soeren Stache

Basketball, handball and ice hockey are fighting to get behind football in the German public consciousness – but three prerequisites are necessary for this.

The producers of the program on RTL celebrated on Monday: the broadcast of the game of the German basketball players live from the quarter-finals was a huge success – more than four million people watched the European quarter-finals, a good two million for the third place. Level of feeling for basketball. During the summer, the women’s soccer team in the European Championship attracted more spectators than ever before. When the German team was stopped by England in the final, almost 18 million listened to ARD. Record. The football and basketball players spoke passionately about bringing passion into everyday life in the league. At the beginning of the season, women had a record attendance of 23,200 fans in the game between FC Bayern and Eintracht Frankfurt, but only between 3,217 and 424 people wanted to see other games. The acid test for basketball players is waiting, the league will start again on September 29.

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