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Thanks to his height of 2.08 meters and his weight of 105 kilograms, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (center) is almost unstoppable near the basket. Image: imago//Marc Niemeyer

Jonas Wohlfahrt-Bottermann alias Wobo is one of the positive surprises of the German team in the European basketball championship. The 32-year-old knows how to impress in his role.

He came, saw – and blocked: once, twice, three times. In the group game of the German national basketball team against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann received the nickname Wohlfarth-Blockermann. Which definitely means honor. Because of the 32-year-old who faces Greece with the DBB team this Tuesday evening (20:30), no one really cares about this European Championship – except maybe the national team coach.

Gordon Herbert brought the BBL veteran out of the slumping giants MHP in Ludwigsburg, where “Wobo”, as he was simply called on the scene, played a solid but certainly not outstanding season. But the Canadian coach knows the center back from their Bundesliga days together in Frankfurt and just knows what he has in him. His verdict at the time: “He’s one of the most underrated players on defense.”

Wobo secured a place in the EM squad through strong preparation

The evidence came in the latest on the second day of this group competition. Respectfully, even the 2.08m tall center could not believe these memorable performances in front of 18,000 fans in Cologne’s Lanxess Stadium when he made his surprise return in the spring after a nine-year international break. In an interview with our newspaper, he said: “I will never say never, but I am realistic enough to know that in the big tournament we are occupied in my position with players from the Euroleague and the NBA.”

Yes, with Johannes Voigtmann, for example, the future Olimpia Milan, or Daniel Theis from the NBA. They have priority, but the native of Bonn gets his minutes. and gratefully accepted the role. That said for him: “During the preparation, it was clear that it might be enough for the team,” said Wobo after the preliminary round. Why? “Because I’m a good player.” He always gives his all for the team.

Schröder and Herbert praised Wobo’s defense

In the opening game, Wohlfahrt-Bottermann committed three fouls in just 88 seconds. But the toy is still necessary, in cycling one would talk about a respectable domestic. “He has an incredible professional attitude,” praises captain Dennis Schröder and a better one: “He is one of the greatest men in defense.” And something like the crowd favorite in Cologne. He brought the hall to boil with his efforts.

It may increase in the semifinals (8:30 pm/Magentasport), after all, Wohlfahrt-Bottermann is no stranger to Berlin, having played with Alba Berlin and under Sasa Obradovic, who is considered the old tough dog in basketball. Industry: “He’s also a defensive backer.” Just like former Ludwigsburg coach John Patrick, which he could enjoy for three years. With a view of the EM strategy, Wobo said: “Definitely helped me again.” Because Nationals coach “Gordie” Herbert still loves the 32-year-old’s intensity on defense more than anything.

With confidence in Greece and Antetokounmpo

On Tuesday, the center will play his 21st game at 32, and he has played 352 games in the Bundesliga since 2008. There are not many stations for a basketball career: Telekom Baskets Bonn, Dragons Rhöndorf, Alba Berlin, Ratiopharm Ulm, Skyliners Frankfurt and most recently Ludwigsburg.

The question remains why he left the giant MHP to Hamburg? “I’m just looking for another challenge in the last quarter of my career,” said Wohlfarth-Bottermann, referring to the club (Towers) and city (Hamburg). “It’s a very ambitious project that I would like to help.”

But that’s the music of the future right now. First of all, the focus is on the knockout game with Greece. Wohlfart-Bottermann saw this calmly. “Anyone who wants to win a medal like we have to beat a tough opponent.” The previously undefeated Greek is definitely in this category, above superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. both sports and physical. But the joker in the German national team emphasized: “We entered the game with self-confidence and based on the atmosphere. “And Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann played a role.

The situation of the staff is tense

Franz Wagner
Whether the 21-year-old striker will be fit in time for the game against Greece remains to be seen. “We can’t say that today,” Nationals coach Gordon Herbert said Monday. Wagner twisted his ankle against Montenegro in the round of 16 and then left the game.

Nick Weiler-Babb
There is still a question mark behind the use of the guard, who was natural shortly before the European Championship. Weiler-Babb missed the round of 16 with a shoulder injury.

Johannes Voigtman
While Wagner and Weiler-Babb trained again on Monday, Voigtmann did not catch a cold. The use of zero is not certain.

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