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The German basketball team will play against Spain in the quarter-finals of the European Championship at home for a place in the finals. Sky Sports have tipped the German hopefuls to keep their European title dreams alive by defeating the world champions on Friday evening.

Dennis Schröder is also known to many people who do not deal with basketball. Schröder is the leader of the German national basketball team, which caused such a sensation in the European Cup at home and is fighting with the world champion Spain for a place in the final on Friday evening.

The great strength of the DBB selection is the great team spirit and their balance. There is no such thing as a superstar who towers over others. There are several players who contribute to the team’s success with outstanding skills.

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  1. Image:
    DENNIS SCHRÖDER: Germany’s biggest team leader and basketball star after Dirk Nowitzki and former teammate of LeBron James at the Lakers. © DPA pa
  2. Dennis Schröder celebrates the victory with the German team
    For years, some dismissed as an emotional and egotistical diva, Schröder is now above all a responsible and loving family man. As a basketball player, there are now more team players than a few years ago. © Imago
  3. Hopes for more support in the quarter-finals: Maodo Lo commented on not selling out at all in the round of 16 against Montenegro.
    MAODO LO: Artist. His mother was the Berlin artist Elvira Bach. Lo is the most elegant player on the team and a bright mind with a degree in sociology from Columbia University. Dennis Schröder sees him in perspective in the NBA. © Imago
  4. Johannes Thiemann:
    JOHANNES THIEMANN: Nicknamed “The Machine”. With his body, he can defend both big players and fast players. Break through all the perimeters between game after game close to the basket and long range shots. © Imago
  5. German NBA star Daniel Theis in action.
    DANIEL THEIS: Impressive. In addition to Thiemann, Germany’s only real goal player under the basket. But he still convinces with his accuracy from the halfway line and from the third line. A huge bounce. The man for the crashing dunks. © Imago
  6. Johannes VOIGTMANN:
    JOHANNES VUIGTMANN: A giant with good hands. At 2.11 m, the tallest player on the DBB team is generally a player who prefers to shoot more than looking for a duel under the basket. © Imago
  7. Thiemann impressed with a strong overall game and passing game.  A center who thinks like a point guard.
    Thiemann impressed with a strong overall game and passing game. A center who thinks like a point guard. © Imago
    JONAS WOHLFARTH-BOTTERMANN: Worker. Rarely appears to be a scorer. But he is passionate about his team and is not above making mistakes to wear the opponent’s big man. © Imago
  9. "WoBo" Come when Theis, Thiemann and Voigtmann need to rest.  During this time you can always count on him.  Still shining with spectacular fireworks.
    “WoBo” came in when Theis, Thiemann and Voigtmann needed a break. During this time you can always count on him. Still shining with spectacular fireworks. © Imago
    ANDREAS OBST: Ice cold. No one in the women’s team was as cool and had steel nerves as him. One of the discoveries of EM. Develop from the role player to achieve. There are 5 out of 7 threes to ensure success in the crazy game against Greece. © Imago
    NIELS GIFFEY: The whole cycle. Not very impressive but always effective and not really weak. Good at throwing, shooting, passing and good at rebounding and rebounding. © Imago
  12. Niels Giffey
    The diminutive striker, who plays for Zalgiris Kaunas in Lithuania (currently out of contract), is stronger and more stable than he appears. The nation’s longest-serving player and grandson of Berlin mayor Franziska Giffey. © Imago
  13. Francis WAGNER:
    FRANZ WAGNER: Unbelievable. Because he played incredibly mature and cut for a 21 year old. Because it’s unbelievable that a person with a height of 2.08 m can move well and quickly and jump the ball well. © Imago
  14. Franz Wagner and the German national basketball team are in the semi-finals of the European Championship after defeating Greece.
    FRANZ WAGNER: Established himself as a top performer with the Orlando Magic in his first season in the NBA. The greatest German basketball talent since Dirk Nowitzki. © Imago

In addition to Schröder, these include, for example, the veteran Daniel Theis or the star Franz Wagner, who have proven their abilities in the NBA.

National coach Gordon Herbert formed a team from “Legionnaires” and BBL experts, which is now up for the title.

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