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Not yet closed the dream of jumping into the NBA: Maodo Lo. Photo: Marius Becker/dpa

Usually, young basketball talent is associated with the NBA. At the age of 29, German player Maodo Lo is playing with him to the top of the best league in the world.

Cologne – After his basketball performance at the start of the European tournament against France, teammate and expert Maodo Lo predicted a future in the NBA.

“Maodo will be the next German player in the NBA,” said captain Dennis Schröder. Lo himself has not ticked off the dream to jump into the best basketball league in the world. “If the road goes there, it will be great,” Lo said. The 29-year-old point guard from Alba Berlin does not want to be pressured. “If not, that’s okay. My ambition is always to improve.”

“You have to get a contract, otherwise it won’t work”

Lo has played in college in the United States in the past and has been featured in NBA clubs from time to time. “There was contact at the time,” Lo said, but the contract he was offered was only half guaranteed. “That’s why I chose Bamberg,” Lo said of his move to Franconia in 2016. Lo then moved from Bayern Munich to Alba Berlin in 2020, where he became the German champion three times in a row.

With a strong performance in the Euroleague, he once again sparked interest from the NBA. “There’s always interest, but never a real contract, otherwise I might have accepted it,” Lo said: “You have to get a contract, otherwise it won’t work.”

After his strong performance against France, Lo also received praise from Chauncey Billups. The Portland Trail Blazers coach is in Cologne as an assistant to Germany’s next opponent, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and said Lo has everything he needs for a career in the NBA. “It’s an honor to hear something like this from a former player,” Lo said.

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