Basketball EM: Germany also won the second game

Status: 03.09.2022 9:00 pm

A dramatic performance after the half-time break gave the German team a second win against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the European basketball tournament.

The German national team won the second match in the European Basketball Championship on Saturday (September 3, 2022) against Bosnia-Herzegovina at 92:82 (18:20, 24:27, 28:11, 22:24) so ​​they celebrated. The second achievement in group B

Schröder: “There are many characters in the dressing room”

9/3/2022 10:16 pm

DBB with a weak first half

The DBB team had a big problem in the first half. Contrary to the victory of France, Gordon Herbert’s team did not enter the offensive game for a long time. Defensively, the Bosnians presented the team with problems, especially with the two stars in the team, Dzanan Musa and Jusuf Nurkic. It was the two of them that continued to put the DBB team behind in the first quarter. After the first quarter, Germany is 18: 20 behind.

But that’s not all: Musa was already in the double-digit scoring range after twelve minutes of the game. Real Madrid players opened the second quarter with three. “We didn’t defend well in the first half,” said Germany’s Franz Wagner in Magenta Sport. However, overall, it was a tight game with Bosnia-Herzegovina having a small lead. Half time is 42:47.

DBB team between Bosnia, Eistonne and Lithuania

9/3/2022 10:16 pm

Germany turns up after the break

National coach Gordon Herbert seems to have found the right words at halftime: the DBB team started the third period as if there was a transition. In defense, the host is now more concentrated, the attack around NBA star Dennis Schröder is finally getting better. The 12-0 match gave Germany the first lead and made the team more confident.

The referee then came out a little further ahead: a minor whist dispute ensured that Germany’s Franz Wagner and Johannes Voigtmann, who had committed four personal fouls, were on the bench to prevent both from ending prematurely. However, in terms of points, things look good – Germany enters the final with 70:58.

Wagner set the final point

Now the DBB team was there in full – and the hall too: when Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann prevented the Bosnian throw with a huge block at 77:62, no one was left in the stands. Everything now seems to be a German success.

But Bosnia-Herzegovina fought back and worked their way up to six points with three minutes remaining. Again it was the block that pulled the momentum back to the German side: Franz Wagner prevented Nurkic from throwing, and then there was a free throw for the DBB team. With 57 seconds to go, Herbert called his timeout with a 7-point lead. Wagner finally decided with three changes.

Voigtmann: “Got out with a black eye”

9/3/2022 10:16 pm


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