“Are we on the football field?”: Habeck rants about gas collection

“Are we at the football stadium?”
Habeck said he was angry because of the gas collection

Because the federal government is sticking to the gas levy despite Uniper’s nationalization, tempers flared in the Bundestag. The Minister of Economy clearly regretted the “must go” attitude of the opposition, which came without an alternative offer. “What’s coming instead?” Habeck said.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck had a heated exchange with the opposition in the Bundestag over the planned gas levy. In the current hour on the gas levy, which was convened on short notice, Habeck accused the union of being “the opposition that has to go” without offering an alternative to the planned levy for gas customers.

“What do we hear from the opposition…: ‘Gas hikes have to go.’ Are we here on the football field or is this an example?” Habeck, who was called to the meeting. “But that’s not politics, what comes instead? If you’ve decided not to be a constructive opposition, you should have the courage to give the truth and refer to your own movement. And you don’t do that.”

Because there is the possibility of helping gas companies, such as Uniper, who are suffering due to the lack of Russian gas deliveries, in other ways, for example, to pay off debts. “But then you have to stand here and say: instead of charging gas, we want to raise about 35 billion euros immediately or fund the company. But you don’t do that,” Habeck accused the opposition, visibly touched. He lacks honesty and responsibility in debate.

In view of the imminent nationalization of Uniper gas company, the leader of the group of members of the National Assembly Andreas Jung pushed for the exclusion of controversial gas storage. Tomorrow, Thursday, his group of parliamentarians in the Bundestag will vote in a roll call to abolish the gas tax. This is all the more urgent after the German government announced this morning that they want companies to import steam. Uniper gas is a national. “This increase in gas prices has to go. It was wrong from the beginning … it has gone out of its way and with the nationalization it is still being questioned legally, but in any case, it has no political conditions,” Jung said.

Unreasonable allocation after the naturalization of Uniper

If the company becomes a state-owned company, the taxation that provides for the distribution of income among private companies cannot exist. “There is no tax invention law for state-owned companies,” Jung said.

CDU politicians also complained that, according to Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner, these legal concerns were clarified, while the Minister of Economy rightly saw the need for clarification. With his concerns about the fiscal constitutional basis for the gas tax, Habeck distanced himself from the tax. Gas price. “You want to get rid of the spirit you’re calling because you know it’s not working,” Jung said.

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